Our Clients

Our impressive and prestigious range of clients have enjoyed years of high quality service from ECI Limited.

Levis Strauss & Co

We've supported Levi Strauss UK for over 20 years at Northampton European DC, including network design and installation of their fibre optic disaster recovery system. Our service has also included installing and supporting voice data services, footfall, video and Bose audio to their retail stores and outlets throughout the UK and Ireland.

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We have developed a long-term relationship with DAF trucks assisting their changeover from Type 1 IBM cabling to UTP, in addition to this, we have designed a provisional multicore fibre optic backbone, moving the computer room and the replacement of all of their 19 inch data racks without interference or disruption to the voice data network, installation of video services to their UK Sales offices.

Following their takeover by Paccar other work has included additional power and data provision to various departments and addition audio visual facilities, and interconnection into the sites network.

Capita Educational Services

The foundation of Sims Limited from Beds County Council in 1988 requested us to test their new facility build in Cardington, Bedford, and the results showed the electricians had made a whole list of errors including wrong connectors, over-length segments, poor terminations and installation of the cable close to power cables.

Following this with early upgrades, we were asked to install UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Cat5 - this had to be integrated into the building without disturbing the software and support operation.

In 1994 they were taken over by Capita Group, a large UK blue-chip company and expansion into a new build across an access road. We were tasked with the installation multimode and singlemode fibre between the buildings computer rooms, we suggested Blown Fibre to allow additional or fibre upgrading at a later stage, when required. In addition the building were separated by a council owned roadway which could not be trenched and no connecting ductwork.

As a result we employed trenchless technology and the installation of client owned ductwork, this included organising the relevant licensing with the utility service companies Gas/Water etc. The interconnecting fibres were blown and terminated in the patch panels and tested.

The new building included suspended floors and the provision of both power and data. To facilitate the movement of staff both power and data installations to include PDS (Premises Distribution System) to facilitate any data or power point to be moved in a 5 metre radius; this was successfully completed within budget and on time. Additional data capacity included in the design was utilised at a later stage when required, as the buildings role changed and addition fibres installed and tested without any disruption to existing services.

A third building has recently been occupied and the blown fibre network extended; again without disruption allowing voice and data interconnectivity between the three sites. ECI installed and supported Capita Sims regional offices and school installations in Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire.